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    Wiki Telehealth codes for monthly program delivery

    What procedure codes are used for when billing for a Mental Health or Chemical dependency program similar to how IOP is set up, but delivered as telehealth with none of the visits in person. These are for programs that include several visits with psychiatrists, counselors and other clinical...
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    Wiki Utah Medicaid Billing for IOP services (HELP!)

    We are new to Utah Medicaid, and unfortunately they do not accept H0015 for IOP for SUD. I am at a loss for what I am supposed to bill. Does anyone have any guidance with Utah Medicaid billing??
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    Wiki Alcohol and Drug Abuse Residential Treatment Facility

    I work for a new facility that provides individual and group counseling for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. There are medical and behavioral health staff whom provide treatment. It is a 24-hour facility (not a hospital) and the length of stay varies from 30-90 days. I am...
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    Wiki Residential Revenue Codes for ASAM 3.1 and 3.5 LOC

    My Administrator believes that there is a different coding set for Residential 3.1 and 3.5 LOC. I have been unable to locate a revenue code other than 1002, can anyone tell me if there is another one? Thanks!