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    Wiki 71045 and 74018

    Has anyone noticed with the new for 2018 chest and abdomen x-ray single view codes that they hit a bundling edit? There is a CCI edit based on "HCPCS/CPT procedure code definition". It does say a modifier can be used, but we're still thinking the edit is in error as these are 2 distinct body...
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    Wiki billing 32480 with 64620?

    64620 (destruction of intercostal nerve) is a CCI edit 1 with CPT 34280 (lobectomy), but can’t find any information re: under what circumstances is a modifier 59 appropriate? MD cryo-ablated 4 nerves. The cardiothoracic coding companions “average procedure” description does not include...
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    Wiki CPT Help!

    I used CPT code 32555 for ultrasound guided left thoracentesis. The radiologist drew out fluid and later did a 1 view chest xray and a view chest xray. I am certain that I am not supposed to bill the chest xrays with this code. But need to get more opinions for the physician. Thanks!
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    Wiki Gynecologist want to bill ECG

    My Gynecology Dr want to bill ECG for a patient who suffer from pelvic pain, menorrhagia, in addition to that she has slight chest tightness, So she wanna know whether she can bill ECG? Really need help....please Thanks in advance Sarith kalikkot CPC-A
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    Wiki Attempted Insertion Of Port-A-Cath

    The surgeon tried several times to insert the Port-A-Cath and he encountered air on 2 attempts. He had x-rays taken and found the patient had bilateral pneumothorax and admitted her to Obs. The next day he inserted a chest tube. Should I code the aborted Port-A-Cath placement with a 53 modifier...
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    Wiki Radiology- chest 2 views vs Ribs PA chest 3 views

    Ok, so i know that NCCI edits bundle 71020 and 71101 with an allowed mod and if it's medically necessary. but can someone please explain to me what i'm looking for in a radiology report for these two services to even see if they're both billable or link to me a site that has more info? our...
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    Wiki Chest Xray after Portacath placement

    Can anyone please help me with a dilemma in my clinic? Patient is in OR to receive Portacath. CPTs billed are 77001 for Fluoro and 36561 for cath. Patient is then sent to recovery of the ASC. Once patient recovers, pt is sent to the radiology dept for a Chest 1 view (71010) to make sure there...