chiropractic coding

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    Wiki -AT modifier (and osteopathic manipulations)

    Hi there, Is the -AT modifier strictly reserved for the chiropractic manipulation range? Or can it be extended to osteopathic manipulations (98925-98929) as well? From what I gather, mainly via the HCPCS modifier definition, the modifier is used pretty exclusively for CMT. I'm viewing this...
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    Wiki DME codes for chiro billing

    Anyone familiar with billing DME? L0113 says the service type is lump sum purchase of dme, prosthetics, orthotics, but E0480 has rental of dme. L0113 Cervical Orthotic This is a tool that will be used during a passive exercise to help restore to the proper lordosis in the patient's cervical...
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    Wiki DO billing Chiro Manipulations

    Can a doctor of osteopathy bill for chiropractic manipulations (98940-98942)? I know that CPT/AMA does not define the word "provider" and refers you back to your state guidelines (I'm in PA) and that the outcome of chiropractic manipulations is different than the outcome of osteopathic...
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    Wiki Care Plan and E/M

    I code for some Chiropractors that do not adjust until the patient's second visit. At the second visit, the Dr. will discuss their findings from the XRay, and create a Care Plan- Educating the patient on how often they need to be seen and what exercises they can do to speed up the process. They...