chronic conditions

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    Wiki E/M MDM Question on chronic conditions unrelated to CC

    Hello, we are a family planning specialty so most of our patients are seen for STI / Infection checks with symptoms such as discharge, painful urination, lesions, etc... If provider included chronic conditions such as elevated BP, hypertension, obesity that are not related to the chief complaint...
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    Wiki Coding Overactive Bladder as Chronic Condition with Rotator Cuff repair

    I have a question pertaining to Outpatient Surgery done in a facility setting. Patient has Rotator Cuff surgery repair, but has a chronic condition of overactive bladder that they take medications for, PRIOR to coming to the facility for surgery. They are discharged same day and never need to...
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    Wiki All Chronic Conditions Master List

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please share a master list of all existing chronic conditions ICD-10 codes in CSV or excel format, or share a source from where I can download this info. I greatly appropriate your all help and time. Kind Regards, Muhammad Imran
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    Wiki Chief Complaint/Status of Chronic Conditions

    Does the chief complaint need to be separate from the HPI? There has been information out there that says that the chief complaint can listed under its own header or as the first sentence of the HPI (as long as it is clear). At my facility, many providers are split when doing this and I am...