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    Wiki Pre-Procedure Psychiatric Clearance Questions

    I work for a pain management doctor who is now performing procedures in office and also in an ASC that payers are beginning to require pre-procedure psych evaluation and clearance for. The physician would like to contract a LCSW to work in the office part time, under our group NPI, to perform...
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    Wiki med clearance for detox

    looking for a cpt for a medical md to do a medical clearance for detox/rehab in a independant psych hospital (51 pos). technically inpatient but specific for clearance only no follow up.
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    Wiki Decision for SX & Pre-Op Clearance Same Day?

    Hi all, I need some help directing an ortho practice I work with. They have been billing 2 E/M codes per day; 1. the PT sees the physician who makes a decision for surgery and bills an E/M code with modifier 57 2. the PT sees an NP within the practice, who bills for a "medical clearance"...