cms guidelines

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    Coding R78.81 with F11.10

    I was told by an insurance company that as per CMS Guidelines ICD-10 code R78.81 and F11.10 cannot be billed together. I am having a hard time finding information on the reason why. Does anyone know why these two codes can't be billed together?
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    Locum Guidelines

    Our office is looking into using Locums to cover leaves and I have a few questions I'm having trouble finding answers to. 1. Does the Locum have to start within a certain time frame of the provider leaving? 2. Can Locums be used when a provider retires? 3. Can a Locum supervise a Non-Physician...
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    DME Delivery Address Question

    Hello, I am wondering if there is CMS regulation regarding DME and the address it is delivered to, in accordance with the patient's health insurance. For example: A Back Brace is ordered for a patient and delivered to 15 Main St, Anywhere, USA, but according to the patient's insurance, their...
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    Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers

    Calling all RHC, CAH, FQHC coders and billers! I am a new RHC coder, and have been having a hard time finding information or resources on RHC coding and billing practices. It would be great to have our own discussion forum here, but I see very few posts pertaining to any of our unique practices...
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    Place of Service - For Independent Labs

    Dear All, Would you happen to know what the place of service should be for the services done at an independent lab? The Medicare claims processing manual states it should be the location that draws the testing specimen. However from my personal experience I've seen a lot of laboratories bill...