1. C

    Complex Closure Vs Simple Closure

    Hello, a provider is billing complex closure for this Dog Bite indicated below. CPT 13120 Repair, complex, scalp, arms, and/or legs; 1.1 cm to 2.5 cm . I feel this does not meet a complex closure, any help on what closure code to bill for this procedure? the guidelines state ligation of...
  2. C

    CPT for Nasolabial Cyst Excision via lateral rhinotomy with complex closure

    Hi, any advise on how to code this ENT case - Left Nasolabial mass/cyst Operation: Excision of left nasolabila mass via lateral rhinotomy approach. pt w/history of cll recurrently identified left nasolabial mass for surgical excision, after fna suggestive of manifestations of cll...
  3. M

    Reopening Craniotomy

    I have a note for a pt. who had reopening of right frontotemporal parietal craniotomy with wound debridement & removal of mesh, cranioplasty & complex wound closure. I believe I can do 61320-supratentorial drainage of abscess, and code the complex wound closure, but I am not sure if I also need...
  4. C

    Component Separation in hernia repair

    Anyone out there have recommendations on coding component separation in complex ventral hernia repairs? Thanks
  5. Skinne

    Integumentary Coding Question

    I am not sure if I have interpreted this correctly. In the Integumentary section of the CPT book under excision of benign or malignant lesions (page 53 or 54 of the 2007 book), it says that if a closure requires an intermediate or complex closure, you need to report the excision in addition to...
  6. W


    does anyone have experience coding z-plasty? Please contact me at I have a physician that documented he did a z-plasty on a traumatic laceration repair. There is some confusion as to whether it actually is a z-plasty or a complex laceration repair. I have never coded...