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    Wiki Billing closed treatment of Vertebral Body fractures?

    An orthopedic doctor at my practice is wanting to bill 22310 for vertebral body fractures. This code requires bracing - he is wondering if we can still bill this code if we write the patient a script for a brace instead of doing it in the office ourselves. Note: If we did do it in the office -...
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    Wiki Compression of spine help

    I am looking for clarification of what or if i can code a diagnosis - compression of t12 and l1 (it will be different locations in the spine). The documenation doesn't say fracture so i am not sure what this is....i was thinking i just don't have enough info however i am seeing this wording all...
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    Wiki Compression Fracture- Initial or subsequent or Sequelae

    If an dr mentions that pt has osteoporosis with a compression fracture of the L-4 and L-5. Pt is on Boniva and goes to PT for chronic low back pain..... What is the correct code for the compression fx? The doctor doesn't seem to me as doing active txt.... This is not a healed old fx.