1. M

    Coding/Billing for Diagnoses

    My provider wants us to use co-morbid conditions when proving medical necessity for urine drug testing (we work in Pain Management). However, these co-morbid conditions are not always noted on the note for that visit. I am hesitant to use codes that the doctor hasn't documented in the note...
  2. M

    coding I50 series HELP

    We are recieving rejections for these codes due to it needing a primary dx. In the ICD-10 book it states: "code first:- and gives examples" Is this really no longer a stand along code? or is this stating that if the patient has one of these conditions listed, it must be coded first and then the...
  3. Kisha

    ED medicine coding

    I get dinged on picking up chronic conditions with no medication attached for current treatment. I am now confused as to when to pick up the chronic conditions. I always thought if its on the chronic list code it. Someone please clarify because Dr's do not always state what meds are for what and...