1. dcrossman

    Wiki Determining how much to set your fee schedule

    I'm having a hard time determining how much to set prices at for our office. I use the RVU/ Medicare Allowable rate to see what Medicare's allowed amount is, but I know that I need to set our prices significantly higher than that for other payors like Anthem, Cigna, etc. Historically, I've...
  2. R

    Wiki CHARLOTTE & Surrounding area

    Come join me for the Certified Medical Office Manager series!!! I would love to have you be part of this fun and exciting learning time! Contact me for details.. :)
  3. D

    Wiki Looking for part time

    CPC looking for CT part time job I'm looking for part time medical billing or medical coding work in the Farmington, Avon CT area. I currently have a full time job working 7-4 but am looking for additional employment in the medical field. I have 12+ years of experience with medical billing...
  4. A

    Wiki CPC Exam 2016

    I am Studying for the exam But if anyone Out there could give me pointers or help me study that would very helpful because i really want to become a coder My name is Amin my contact number is 9145729326 I am in NY if anyone out there would like to study together or like i said just reach me or...
  5. L

    Wiki Coder/Medical biller in Atlanta, Ga

    Neurology group is looking for an experienced Coder/biller. CPC preferred but not required. Neurology coding a plus.
  6. B

    Wiki New CPC-A looking for a job in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

    I received my CPC-A Nov 15, and I am also ICD10 Proficient. I am looking for a job in the DFW area in coding. I have over 15 years of medical billing experience. Please contact me for my Resume' and Reference list. Thank you, Brandie
  7. K

    Wiki o35 material - I know these codes requires

    I know these codes requires any associated maternal condition. If the office doesn't give any code except this one do I assume that there isn't one or do I need to contact the office to get one? The test are for prenatal screenings. Thanks, April
  8. J

    Wiki Remote Coders Needed - Aviacode

    Hi Coders, I work for a coding company called Aviacode and we are constantly looking for expert coders (as you have probably seen from my previous posts). I created a surveymonkey for coders to enter their contact information if they are interested in hearing about available coding positions...