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    Ready for CPPM 2018 Final

    Hey Everyone, I just finished the CPMM online course and preparing for the final and certification exam. Do you have any pointers, advice or opinions on these exams? I took the practice exam and didnt score very well.
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    CPPM Final Exam & Cert Test Tips

    Hey Everyone, I'm about to finish the 2017 CPPM course and was just looking for some feedback? Is the Final Exam a series of all the chapter questions? How was the certification test & did the course help prepare for it? Starting to get anxious thinking about the sit down exam. Any...
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    Which one first CPC or CPPM??

    I need help deciding.... I got my CPB last year and have 6 years of experience in the medical field. I have background in coding and billing. I want to become a Office Manger/Practice Manager, that is my goal. So my question is which certification will benefit me more? Should I go for the CPC...
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    CPPM practice exam - 100Q vs 50Q online exams

    I'm studying to take the CPPM certification test and just completed the 100 Question practice exam that I purchased with my study bundle. I was too easy to be honest. It makes me very nervous. I finished in 50 min and got a 97. Most of it was just repeating the exact same questions that were in...
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    Looking for part time CPPM NYC queens area
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    CPPM Exam Results

    To all my fellow CPPMs out there, I wanted to let you know I passed the exam this past Saturday! I'm so happy and excited because I honestly did not know how I did. I studied all I could, then I took the exam and felt there was so much I still didn't know. Anyone who has taken the exam knows...