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    Wiki Critical Care Question

    If the provider documents under the plan that the patient is not expected to have a neurologic recovery, and he's recommending palliative care consult, consideration of CMO, and documents 32 minutes cc time would that support a critical care 99291
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    Wiki Critical care visit requires chief complaint??

    I have a physician that sees a hospital patient and lists his time to bill critical care, but he does not give a chief complaint. If this permitted for critical care since it time driven?
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    Wiki Observation e/m

    I was wandering, our Surgeon's nurse (who is qualified) saw a pt. and the done the H&P (short form, hand written). All our Surgeon did was sign at the bottom. My question is does he not have to document that he approves with findings, or is it ok for just the signature? We are a Critical...
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    Wiki Critical care

    How much critical care time would you bill in this situation. Provider initiates care 02:30 he signs his note at 03:43. Never says critical care time spent anywhere in his note. Patient was seen in the PICU - which I know doesn't necessarily mean critical care. He does an addendum starting @...
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    Wiki Critical Care Laminented pocket tool

    Does anyone have or know of a reference for a critical care laminated pocket tool? I looking for one specific to ONLY critical care. Thanks! Diana
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    Wiki Initial Newborn Coding

    The newborn was fine at birth, but developed problems 3-4 hours later. Our provider wrote his note at age 6 hours and said the baby had respiratory distress. Another provider from the same group saw the baby and wrote her note at age 8 hours, describing critical care treatment. She felt the...
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    Wiki Critical Care Codes

    To be able to use critical care codes the time must be documented specifically by the physician, correct? This is for a pediatric patient who was transferred to another facility after being worked on here for a few hours. The critical care time is not documented by the physician. So I would just...
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    Wiki Critical Care and Mid Levels?

    Would like opinions... At a recent ACEP seminar I heard that mid-levels could bill for Critical Care, just not for Medicare. It was stated that the CPT rules differed from CMS on this, and that if the commericial insurance didn't prevent it, it was ok to bill. But when I look at the CPT...