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    Question CRNA Questions

    We are adding another maxillofacial surgeon to our Arkansas practice and, though he is certified to administer anesthesia, he has requested us to hire a CRNA to administer anesthesia for all his cases. If moderate (conscious) sedation is administered, can we use CPT codes 99143, 99144, 99145...
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    Facility ESI Billing

    How does a hospital bill for ESI's for independent CRNA's?
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    Facility ESI Billing-how do you

    how do you bill hospital charges for ESI's using independent CRNA's?
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    Billing Medical Supervision for CRNAs - NOT Medical Direction

    We're having quite the discussion in our office over proper use of anesthesia modifiers for billing CRNAs practicing without medical direction but with medical supervision. We are in a state that did not opt out of the medical supervision requirement for CRNAs. There are two lines of thought...