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    Wiki When to use the CS modifier

    Hi. We are a surgical practice and all patients are required to get a COVID test before their surgery, which we are ordering. Should we be billing the CS modifier on our E/M service since we are ordering the COVID test? I'm having a hard time finding a clear answer if it is OK to use this...
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    When a patient presents with COVID-19, as a hospitalist, can we use the CS modifier? Also when the patient is COVID-19 recovered but we are using diagnosis codes Z09 and Z86.19 can you use the CS mod with that as well?
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    Wiki COVID antibody testing

    We are now seeing a surge of patients who want the COVID antibody testing. They may or may not have been sick from December to present. Is this covered under Cost Sharing? (requiring the CS modifier)? The only thing I am finding is for diagnostic testing.