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    Wiki Culture coding - lab or physician?

    Patient came to the office for a wound culture. I have code 87070 or 87075 depending on the results but, who gets to bill that code? The lab or the physician, or both? Thanks!
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    Wiki coding from urine culture ?

    For outpt facility clinic visits, can I code results from the urine culture? The dr saw the pt for dysuria, diagnosed uti and ordered culture, but he did not comment on the results..... The results showed E Coli.
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    Wiki Uti - If a patient has urinary

    If a patient has urinary symptoms, Doc does dip stick. Rx antibiotic. Culture pending. Provider documents UTI and codes : N39.0 no bacteria identified Is this coded as signs and symptoms until culture results?
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    Wiki Ear swab culture

    We have always used 87070 when sending an ear swab for aerobic bacterial culture...starting this month the lab we use is changing this code to 87186 stating Medicare requires we use it. However Medicare is denying the code due to "not medically necessary", has anyone else received this? Doesn't...