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    Has anyone heard of the company Codebusters? They seem a little too good to be true and I was curious if anyone has experience with them. Thanks!
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    Cpc exam - grading status

    Waiting for my results it's in grading status.
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    What is your go to refrence that is not the DG's or google?

    I know there are lot of books that provide guidance for documentation and auditing of E/M services. I'm curious which one book is your go to . . . ?
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    Codebusters - Is anyone familiar with the company?

    Is anyone familiar with Codebusters? I've received a few emails from them recently about their remote coding teams and was curious if anyone has any insight on how they are to work for, good or bad.
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    Wiki Activity and Place of Occurrence

    I am curious about everyone's experience when including activity and place of occurrence on 'S' or 'T' code for lacerations or ortho cases. I work at an Urgent Care clinic so we see a significant amount of cases each day and have trained our MA's to include the what, when and where during...