1. MeanderingMichigander

    Wiki Coding presence of insulin pump

    I am struggling to find anything definitive either way... Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction :confused: (The below example assumes that the visit record does support both codes being discussed.) When coding the presence of an insulin pump (Z96.41), do you ALSO need to code...
  2. A

    Wiki Diabetic/Pressure Ulcer

    Okay so this case got me thinking. The patient is diabetic and in the note the doctor states "new pressure ulcer in the face of diabetes to the right fifth toe". Then later in the assessment he states "Wagner grade 2 diabetic foot ulcer in the face of pressure." Would you just take this to...
  3. D

    Wiki ICD 10 FOR "Diabetic Foot"

    What would be the ICD 10 code for "Diabetic foot?" That's the specific wording given by the provider. No mention of neuropathy or ulcers or anything like that. Help!
  4. B

    Wiki 99211

    Can you bill this in podiatry office for measuring for diabetic shoes? podiatrist orders for DM patient to have diabetic shoes. pt comes in for measurement doctor is on site. nurse does evaluation of feet to see about appropriate diabetic shoes. can nurse bill 99211 for this service because of...