1. C

    CPT code 90970

    I work for a Nephrology clinic and we are having issues billing for one of our dialysis codes. The way we typically would bill for patient who where transferred to a different dialysis center or deceased we would use a daily dialysis CPT code 90970 and use a range of dates from the first...
  2. M

    Wiki Nephrology Billing documentation

    My office billers and NP are in a discussion about dialysis unit monthly rounding documentation for billing. We currently use a rounding sheet that has the 3 monthly NP limited visits on one sheet. My NP asked why we could not use the dialysis flow sheet that she reviews makes notes and signs...
  3. A

    Dialysis Code Update

    How are Medi-Cal (CA managed care plan) providers being reimbursed for S9335 and S9339, there is no rate published for these codes. Effective 6/1/21 Z6012, Z6014, Z6030, Z6040 were terminated....
  4. V

    Question Do you have any Major changes in Urology/ Nephrology coding guidelines for 2022?

    Hi AAPC Members, I have came across from a Nephrology Physician group that we have a Changes in the coding Guidelines for Dialysis cases from 2022, Is any one from the group are aware on this? If so Please shred some inputs
  5. J

    Question Dialysis training resources?

    Hi! Does anyone know of good resources for someone new to dialysis coding/billing? I have the CMS guidelines, but I'm hoping to find something that's a little bit more straightforward. I do a mix of OP and facility dialysis. Thank you!
  6. B

    Wiki Monthly Capitation Payment - Dialysis Documentation Requirements

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has seen or created an audit sheet for Monthly ESRD Dialysis services - Monthly Capitation payment. I am concerned I may be recommending more documentation than is necessary for Complete Monthly Assessment and subsequent visits. I would appropriate any feedback...
  7. C

    Dialysis: PD vs Hemo

    Hi... looking for some clarification on this... Situation is as follows: Pt starts the month as PD (1st-18th)--there is no Dr. sheet/visit (90966) on the 19th the pt changed to Hemo.---there is a Dr. sheet/visit (90960-90962) so...would we code the PD or the Hemo? Thanks in advance for any...
  8. K

    Dialysis monthly note audit

    I bill for Nephrologists and need any advice or direction on a good audit tool for monthly physician dialysis services. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. ljones88

    AV angioplasty help

    Hi, It seems the more I read about vascular coding the more confused I become when it comes to ANY dialysis circuit interventions. Physician wants to bill 36832 (Revision, open, arteriovenous fistula; without thrombectomy, autogenous or nonautogenous dialysis graft (separate procedure)) but I...
  10. A

    Home visit for dialysis

    Does anyone use this code 99512 HOME VISIT FOR HEMODIALYSIS in addition to the dialysis treatment performed in the home?
  11. K


    I have a question about coding rounding for a Nephrology physician. He sees the patient on dialysis, which he documents, does he have to write the diagnosis on each progress note? Or can you go back and use the dx from the initial visit? This is for the physician fees. Thank you for any...
  12. C

    pigtail dialysis cathether

    How would you code this ? Procedure :Right internal Jugular Dialysis Catheter With Pigtail The patient was placed in slight Trendelenburg. Neck is placed toward the left. Right neck is prepped and draped Local anesthetic is infiltrated. Posterior approach to the internal jugular vein is taken...
  13. T

    Wiki ESRD clarification

    Hello! I understand that ESRD requires dialysis, but is it appropriate to assign a dialysis status code with out the mention of dialysis on the DOS? The physician list diagnosis as ESRD, but there is no mention of dialysis.
  14. S

    Kidney/Renal Coding

    Hi, all. I'm looking for a list of codes that indicate kidney/renal conditions. Does anyone have a list or know where I might find one? In the perfect world I'm looking for 3 categories of codes: - patient has ESRD - patient HAD ESRD (usually result of successful transplant) - patient is...