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    Fracture and dislocation treatment

    Does anyone know if we can code a closed reduction of both a fracture AND dislocation at the same site? It looks like the codes I am considering are not bundled, but I'm still not sure if it is technically correct to report both... The doctor dictated a closed reduction and percutaneous...
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    Multiple same site x-rays for pre and post reduction of fractures/dislocations

    We are having a hard time deciding how to bill for these types of procedures. It is multiples of the exact same study, i.e. shoulder x-ray for a dislocation, the first study to see the problem, and the second/subsequent to make sure it is set correctly. My first question is, since these are all...
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    Wiki AC Separation/Dislocation/Subluxation

    Can anyone help me with this?? We have a patient who had a diagnosis of "right shoulder separation, acromioclavicular joint grade II". I know to go to dislocation for separation, but even there you have inferior, posterior, 100-200% displacement, and greater than 200% displacement. This is not...
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    Interphalangeal Joint Reduction

    Patient had interphalangeal dislocation of right middle and ring finger and both were reduced. Would I report 26770 twice with 76 on the second or do I just link both to 26770? Thanks