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    Wiki Drain Placement During Surgery for separate condition

    Hello, I have a chart where the patient came in through ER with severe pain. She has peritonitis and cholecystitis. The doctor performed a Lap Chole and Placed a drain into the peritonitis to drain... Is there a separate code for this? He said it's not a 'normal' drain the is sometimes...
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    Wiki Any help with coding this procedure would be appreciated.

    PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Right axillary exploration and capsulectomy. OPERATIVE FINDINGS: The patient had a well-defined seroma capsule extending from the lateral border of the pectoralis along the chest wall and up into the apex of the axilla. DETAILS OF PROCEDURE...
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    Wiki The suture holding a patient's percutaneous drain

    The suture holding a patient's percutaneous drain came loose and my doctor placed a new suture. Do we simply bill for an office visit?
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    Wiki Drain tube removal by another physician.

    How would I code for this when the patient did not want to drive 5 hours to the physician that performed the surgery and inserted the tube and, instead, decided to do it locally. What CPT should I use and ICD-10-Code? Please advice. Thanks in advance!
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    Wiki DICD Gen and Lead Removal and Insertion of Drain (Infected Pocket)

    Recently a physician removed a Dual ICD and both Leads via Laser extraction due to a pocket infection. After the removal of the equipment the pocket was clean out and a drain inserted and sutured into pocket. I am curious if CPT code 10180 I&D for infection should be added to the Codes 33241(ICD...