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    Inpatient Sample Charts for practice

    Hi, I found one website for Inpatient sample charts. You can subscribe or become a follower to get updates of the website. There is lot of DRG coding sample charts and sample questions in this website. www.inpatientmedicalcoding.com
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    principal diiagnosis in ltac

    I work at a state owned long term care hospital. Patients are from nursing homes, acute care hospitals etc. Pts all have multiple chronic conditions eg vent dependent, persistent vegetative state, tbi, huntingtons, cerebral palsy... patient may be here 10-40 years- Medicare does not cover...
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    What is the best software to determine DRG assignment?

    Hi, I am a coder with HCC experience who is now trying to break in to inpatient coding. I am very new to DRG assignment and am currently trying to figure out what the best software program is to help with figuring that out. (Sorry if this sounds ignorant). Any advice or recommendations would...
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    DRG coding in an ASC??

    :confused: Hello, I was told today that you are supposed to use DRG codes when you bill for work comp procedures in an ASC setting. I have never heard of that before. Does any one know if that is the case. If not, where could I get some documentation to back myself up?