dupuytren's nodule

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    Excision dupuytren's nodule & trigger finger release

    My doc wants me to bill for the trigger finger portion and the nodule excision, but I feel like the nodule was incidental? Am I incorrect? Preoperative diagnosis: Right long trigger finger Dupuytren's nodule Postoperative diagnosis: Right long trigger finger Dupuytren's nodule Operation...
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    Question Dupuytren partial palmar release left small & possibly left ring

    Here is my question I know I can code 26123-F5 but through out the op note he is also dissecting the left ring finger which he also says is involved but he did not state the left ring finger in the operation performed/ postop diagnosis. Can I bill 26123-F5 and 26125-F4 or just 26123...
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    Trigger Finger Release w/ Excision Dupuytren's Nodule

    How would you code a trigger finger release with excision of dupuytren's nodule? #1 - 26160, 26055-59? #2 - 26123? The tourniquet was inflated to 200 mmHg and a 2cm bruner incision over the A1 pulley of the left ring finger and proximally over the dupuytrens disease. Starting proximally we...