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    Wiki Brochoscopy EBUS without Sampling

    Hello guys, I am little confused:confused:!! Please help me.. What should be coded in the case, If Bronchoscopy EBUS without sampling/biopsy/aspiration/lymph structures ?? (Diagnostic EBUS) Should we code CPT 31652 or 31622?? If any guidelines behind this please let me know.. Thanks in...
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    Wiki EBUS with TBBX or TBNA

    Does anyone have clear documentation of how biopsies with EBUS should to be coded? There is conflicting information on whether the EBUS and biopsy code is separate or if the initial biopsy code is included in the new code 31652. Also, there is conflicting information about coding for a...
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    Wiki EBUS Bundling Issue

    Our providers are performing both EBUS biopsies as well as video/direct visualization endobronchial biopsies during the same bronchoscopy session. Per NCCI, we are unable to bill 31625 & 31652 or 31653 together. Also, per NCCI, we are unable to bill 31623-bronchoscopy with bronchial brushings-...