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    Wiki Modifier 25 with glucose test

    Hello All, So our Family Practitioner did a preventive visit for a new patient (99385), and included a new patient E/M code (99201) for autism, and added a modifier 25 to the E/M code, which is correct. But then he also did a glucose blood test with a monitoring device (82962) because the...
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    Wiki Documentation Requirements for 93000

    I work for a cardiology office, and recently we were told by an auditor that when performing an EKG in the office, that we must have a "Separate" report for that EKG in order to bill the 93000 code. Currently our physicians are interpreting the EKG and writing their interpretation on the strip...
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    Wiki Gynecologist want to bill ECG

    My Gynecology Dr want to bill ECG for a patient who suffer from pelvic pain, menorrhagia, in addition to that she has slight chest tightness, So she wanna know whether she can bill ECG? Really need help....please Thanks in advance Sarith kalikkot CPC-A
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    Wiki Electrocardiogram

    I work for a Cardiopulmonary Clinic, that is owned by the hospital. I was told that Insurance will not pay for a new PT visit (99204) with ECG (93000 or 93005). Is there a guideline or rule that states why? Where can I find it? Also, is it ok to code 93040 Rhythm ECG with a New PT visit? Thank you!