1. E

    Question Best way to correct 195 patients that were billed incorrectly...

    I am looking for some suggestions on a situation that we came across this week. Our transition into eCW was rocky and now under new management, we are trying to clean everything up. Long story short, our Flublock had the wrong CPT code associated with it. Our system is allowing staff to chose...
  2. J

    Wiki EClinicalWorks

    Does anyone here use Eclinical? I am trying to complete and Audit in version 11e and I need to know how I can run a report showing accounts that were written off or adjusted in a specific date range. What was written off/adjusted between 1-1-21 to 7-30-21, by whom and why.
  3. KStaten

    Question What is the BEST EMR System you have ever used?

    Hello Everyone! :) Just out of curiosity, what EMR system(s) do you prefer for outpatient coding (especially for orthopedic / neurological practices)? Pros and Cons would be great! :D Thank You in advance! Kim