1. M

    Wiki Code for levated BP no longer present.

    Code for elevated BP no longer present. Our provider saw a patient with elevated blood pressure without diagnosis of hypertension. At the follow-up visit the patient's BP was back to normal. What diagnosis code is used for the follow-up? I can't find any personal history codes related to...
  2. J

    Wiki OB pt w/ elevated BP

    how do you code a patient how came in with elevated BP but the doctor is not calling it gestational hypertension yet. she sent the patient home to do a 24 hour urine test. should I just append the R03.0 elevated BP?
  3. aimeeread

    Wiki Elevated INR for patient NOT on anti-coagulation therapy

    How would you code elevated INR for a patient not on anti-coagulants? I've indexed "abnormal" and "elevated" both and can't come up with anything that I am happy with. R79.1 (abnormal coagulation profile) is about as close as I've come...but, there is no mention of the INR in the tabular notes...