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    Wiki Emailing documents

    We are a billing company for quite a few offices in the area. Patients sometimes ask us to email their invoice/bill, but we don't have secure email. When we take credit card payments, the site we use for those has the option to email receipts but they sometimes would like the bill as well. If...
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    Wiki Biller/Coder needed New York City

    Hi I know a company looking for an experienced fulltime Biller/Coder in the New York City Area. Specialty is Ophthalmology. If you are interested please email your resume to and in the subject please put Biller/Coder position
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    Wiki Seeking a part-time remote position

    Hello, My name is Ryanne Thomas. The past three years I've worked in a medical billing office, billing, coding, and auditing medical records. I obtained my CPC and ICD-10 training this past December and am currently working to obtain my CPMA through AAPC. I am looking for a part-time remote...
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    Wiki Looking for a Coding and Claim Specialist in Utah

    Email me your resume.
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    Wiki IVR CIRCC Training

    Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone in the Phoenix,Az area that would be interested in helping me learn IVR coding? I would like to get my CIRCC certificate, but I need help. Please send an email to Thank you
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    Wiki Assistance with orthopedic collection % benchmarks

    Dear Colleagues, I manage the billing for a six group Ortho practice - I do not have benchmark reference material. The providers are a mix of in and out of network - which affects the billing. Can anyone share reference data for a collection percentage for Orthopaedics/Ortho surgeons? My...
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    Wiki ED CODER with SDS and observation experience and Inpatient Coder WANTED ASAP

    WE are in need for these two positions multiple spots available. WE need full-time and part-time coders. Work from home, full benefits. Great company. Trust HCS is the company hiring. Feel free to check them out here at There is a test during the interview process. Please...
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    Wiki PLEASE HELP coder of Family Practice trying to code for Plastic Surgery.

    Please help I have a pt. that paid cash and want reimbursed from their ins. I code family practice an our Dr. said we would help her with this. If someone can email me and help me one on one I would greatly appreciate it. Pt. also had a left breast implant rupture and had implant exchange to...
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    Wiki CPC with experience located in ALABAMA looking for remote or in office work!

    Please email
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    Wiki ICD 10 Assessment

    I am in the middle of taking the assessment and website has shut down. Is anyone or has anyone had this issue? What is the stance from AAPC in regards to losing the ability to access the assessment? I am beyond frustrated at this point. I sent an email but I know they won't have a chance...