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    Question ACEP ER Facility Guidelines

    Anyone familiar with ACEP facility ER coding Guidelines? Have you used them in a facility or ever worked with them? Thanks
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    ER coders/auditors that use a "grid" vs. points to establish E/M level of service.

    ER coders/auditors that use a "grid" vs. points to establish E/M level of service. I would like some thoughts and info on FACILITY coding of ED services using a grid rather than a points based system. How long have you used a grid? How did you go about transitioning to it and how did you set...
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    BH Assessments - ER Diagnosis Codes

    I code for BH and I receive BH assessments (completed by LSCSW) in the ER. I am having issues with the diagnosis coding. On one hand there are the diagnoses, signs, and symptoms the patient (or outside source) reports. On another hand the LSCSW reports different (or the same) diagnoses in the...
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    Surgeon Sees Patient in ER

    Patient had tonsillectomy one day prior to ER Visit. Surgeon met patient in Emergency Room due to N/V with blood. Fluids given and bleeding controlled prior to patient leaving the ER. Since this is within the global period for the surgeon, does this mean that a ED Professional Level can not...
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    IV Infusions without site, volume or rate...Can we still charge for them in the ED?

    I know good documentation is required for IV medication administration but sometimes we do not have certain criteria listed. We use EPIC and sometimes certain things are not added in by the nurse such as the volume or rate or site. Can we still charge for IV medication infusions without the...
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    Multiple IM's (CPT 96372) given at the same time in the ER

    Hello, Can someone please let me know if we are allowed to charge for multiple IM's given at the same time but documented in different sites? I know it technically couldn't happen but it would be due to nurse documentation. For example: Ativan IM Right Arm at 15:00 Ketorolac IM Left Arm at 15:00
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    My physician asked to consult in ER

    I'm a chart auditor for a large urology group and there is some dispute on our providers providing a consult in the ER. Patient is Medicare and we are NOT admitting the patient to our service. I was told that we should be using 99201-99205 or 99212-99215 as the patient is "out patient" and we...
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    What are the Requirements to charge for IV Hydration in the ER - Please Help!

    Hello, I have a question as to what is required in order to charge for IV Hydration in the Emergency Room. The CPT books don't really go into depth about either of these questions. It is a 2 part question. 1st Question: We know that we first need a Physician order, Start and Stop Times...
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    Lateral Canthotomy Question

    This was a trauma patient. The procedure states it was done for elevated pressure, proptosis, and decreased vision. "Lateral canthus of left eye was cleansed and anesthetized with ...Iris scissors were utilized to cut the skin laterally. I then turned my attention to the inferior crus of the...
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    ICD-10 Emergency Room

    I can't seem to find a guideline for ER ICD-10 coding. When the clinical impression says " Elbow tendonitis" but then he goes on to say he discussed with patient that this is the likely etiology, do I code the impression or go back to the chief complaint of "elbow pain" Thanks!
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    What drugs are ok to code in the ED when coding Intubation w/ sedation drugs

    Hello, Can someone please shed some light on this? My question is what is allowed to be charged if a patient comes into the ER and needs to get intubated. The ER MD states in his/her procedure note that at 10am patient is intubated with Etomidate and Succinylcholine. At 10:52am they...
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    EMPIRE BCBS Emergency Rule OutOfNetwork

    :cool: Ok, I will start by asking the following question: I have a surgeon who did a surgery on an emergency basis on a patient who came in through the edt department of a hospital. He reported his services. He is an out of network provider with Empire. Empire decides to pay him in-network...
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    Please let me know what I did wrong...

    I recently applied for a coding position and was given a test to judge my coding abilities. After taking the test, I was told that while the codes I assigned were correct, I left off several CPT/ICD-9 codes and modifiers. Can you please help me where I went wrong? Here's 3 examples from the...
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    CPT codes for ED lab work

    Please verify and confirm the following codes: glucose testing 8294X Urine dipstick/Urinanalysis 8100X Urine Pregnancy 81025 Guiac/Occult blood 82270 Strep A/ Rapid strep...
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    Free Standing ER

    I do the billing for a Free Standing Emergency Room in Texas. Just wanted to see if there was any one else out there! I am looking to hopefully compare notes!