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    Wiki Pre-Procedure Psychiatric Clearance Questions

    I work for a pain management doctor who is now performing procedures in office and also in an ASC that payers are beginning to require pre-procedure psych evaluation and clearance for. The physician would like to contract a LCSW to work in the office part time, under our group NPI, to perform...
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    Wiki Modifier -25 with 99205

    Is it possible to use modifier -25 with 99205 if psychotherapy is also on the same day as a new patient E/M? Is there a better way to code this? So; 99205 -25, 90838
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    Wiki Decision for SX & Pre-Op Clearance Same Day?

    Hi all, I need some help directing an ortho practice I work with. They have been billing 2 E/M codes per day; 1. the PT sees the physician who makes a decision for surgery and bills an E/M code with modifier 57 2. the PT sees an NP within the practice, who bills for a "medical clearance"...
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    Wiki 99211

    Can you bill this in podiatry office for measuring for diabetic shoes? podiatrist orders for DM patient to have diabetic shoes. pt comes in for measurement doctor is on site. nurse does evaluation of feet to see about appropriate diabetic shoes. can nurse bill 99211 for this service because of...
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    Wiki Open evaluation under anesthesia

    I am searching for a code for an open evaluation under anesthesia. The Dr. initially intended to remove a soft tissue mass but after incision was made he diagnosed the patient with a dilated venous plexus, closed the incision and refferred the patient onto a vascular surgeon. Does anyone know if...
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    Wiki Please let me know what I did wrong...

    I recently applied for a coding position and was given a test to judge my coding abilities. After taking the test, I was told that while the codes I assigned were correct, I left off several CPT/ICD-9 codes and modifiers. Can you please help me where I went wrong? Here's 3 examples from the...