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    Wiki ? Exam

    Hello... I am just reaching out for a little help regarding an Exam. 2 Coders are not agreeing on level and documentation {imagine that!} After first looking at this exam I feel it might be detailed or Expanded problem focused, but not a Comprehensive. Please coders give input... General...
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    Wiki 1995 Guidelines

    Given this example, where would you give credit in the exam portion? and would you assign any of these as a complete organ system review? Cranial Nerves: CN II Right: pupil normal size and reactive to light and dark. CN II Left: pupil normal size and reactive to light and dark. CN III, IV...
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    Wiki Billing for microscopic examination of hair

    Is anyone aware of a code for the microscopic examination of hair collected by the patient and sent in to the clinic?
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    Wiki Microscopic hair examination

    Is there a code to bill for microscopic hair examination when the hair is collected by the patient and brought in to the clinic?
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    Wiki injection only to be billed out?

    I don't see anything coming out to be able to bill the E/M with the injection. any thoughts?? I am still trying to understand and learn the E/M. its fairly new to me. 1. Right knee pain. HPI: Appointment type: Established patient - Established problem Patient returns for his right...
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    Encounter for preoperative examination.

    Encounter for preoperative examination Is it appropriate to code Z01.811 Encounter for pre-procedural respiratory examination and 99214. The office visit was for a pre-surgery exam on a child that is having dental surgery under sedation.
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    Wiki Wellness Exams

    I have several providers in my office who use the diagnosis of Z00.00 (Encounter for general adult medical examination without abnormal findings), then they proceed to code additional diagnoses such as M27.2 (Inflammatory conditions of jaws) and/or E03.8 (Other specified hypothyroidism). I...