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    Question Billing for eMOLST/extended time visits inpatient

    Hi, need professional coding opinions please :) So our hospitals do eMOLST for in and out patients. When they counsel a patient for an extended visit as an outpatient, they can bill for the extended E&M codes based on time which translates into a more expensive or highly reimbursed visit to...
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    Extended ER Services

    Would like to get some feedback on what different facilities are doing with patients who need extended emergency room services. Is there a potential charge for this extended time? Or do you use Observation code? Appreciate any feedback for this situation! Kris
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    Wiki NPI deadline?

    My understanding is that the deadline for EMC billing and NPI is May 23, 2007. Is this correct? I also understand they have extended the deadline to June 2008 for paper claims. Is this correct? I am receiving information from a "consultant" working for our physician that states both EMC and...