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    Wiki Optometrist Billing IOL for Cataract Surgery

    I know generally cataract surgery and pre-ops are preformed by an Ophthalmologist, but our Optometrist will be co-managing a pt's case with another facility that will be preforming the cataract surgery. They want our OD to perform the IOL (92136) and necessary measurements for implanting the new...
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    Wiki Excision Eye Skin Tag/Lesion

    I am having a dispute with a Dr office on how to code this. I work for an ASC and they are saying these should be coded as 67840 and I think it should be 11200 becasue it specifies skin tag. I am already in hot water for requesting a description for the procedure becasue this is a new DR and...
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    Wiki 99172

    May a 99172 be used for administering the visual test using only a eye chart and color chart?
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    Wiki Removal of brachytherapy

    Could you please advise me on correct code selection for diagnosis and procedures, i am so confused. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: 1. Ciliochoroidal malignant melanoma with retinal invasion right eye, status post radioactive iodine brachytherapy plaque placement 1 week ago, right eye 2...
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    Wiki Z02.89 to report something done but not send by a claim.

    Hi: Somebody could help me with this? I have a doubt regarding Z02.89 use. It is an encounter for administrative purpose. Can I use it to report a HEDIS measure performed but not reported to Health Plan? i.e. A pt had an eye exam for Diabetic retinopathy screening, the report is in the chart...
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    Wiki Technical service and professional service of an eye scan not done on same day

    If an eye scan is performed in the office on a Thursday, but the physician does not do the interpretation until Friday (same practice, same office), can it still be billed globally and if so with which date, or does the service need to be split into the component parts and filed with the tewo...
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    Wiki Instument Based Ocular Screening - Smartphone Mobile app and Billing?

    Does anyone know if there are any reimbursable CPT codes that I can bill when a provider is using their smartphone mobile app to analys data for an eye test? Or is their a reimbursable CPT code that can be used to bill for conducting the eye exam via the smartphone?