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    Wiki Is face to face required for Subsequent Inpatient?

    I have a provider who noted that when he went to the patient room the patient had been taken to radiology for CT scan. He noted he discussed patient with nursing and then based on labs/previous imaging he adjusted patient medication. There is no physical exam but there is medically relevant hx...
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    Wiki Office Visits via video

    First question, is an office appointment that is conducted via video still considered a face-to-face appointment? Second question, the patient is in the office, but the physician is in another state conducting the appointment via video. I believe this would still be billed with modifier 95, but...
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    Wiki Combining Time in a split/shared visit

    Are you able to combine face-to-face time between the patient and the NP and the patient and the Attending in a split/shared visit to determine one time based code? Example: Patient comes in to discuss treatment options for urinary incontinence. The Provider has a face-to-face discussion for 15...