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    Wiki Surgery after Inpatient Fall

    I am very new to Inpatient coding and need some help please! We had a patient come to our hospital for a Right Total Knee Arthroplasty. Two days later, during his inpatient stay, he had a fall in the hospital and landed on his knee, splitting open his surgical knee wound. He was brought to the...
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    Wiki Fall Assessment

    Does anyone know if Fall Assessments have a CPT code? If so, has anyone gotten paid for this? I found a CAT II code 3288F, but I know that is a reporting code only. MGulledge, CMA
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    Wiki What Is Considered A "High Place"

    A coworker and I are running into a question on the use of code Y30.- So, the definition on that code is "Falling, jumping or pushed from a high place, undetermined intent" What is considered a high place? We ran into this question because we had a patient who fell from a rock climbing wall...
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    Wiki Seeking Coder Employment for CPC-A coder in the Northcentral Arkansas Area

    Willing to work for less money for employment. Will accept constructive criticism. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Phillip Southern 1102...
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    Wiki E&M and Procedure

    I would like your opinion on this, please. Pt. walks into the clinic with a laceration due to a fall. Pt. is seen by the doctor for a laceration repair. Doctor also discusses past medical history, patient's current medication--is something off with meds that led to the fall, how is the...
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    Wiki Radial pulse EM exam element?

    If the doc comments on the rate/rhythm of the radial pulse, where can that fall as a 95 guidelines exam element? Can it be used as CV?
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    Wiki 69209 cpt

    Does anyone happen to know if 69209 is going to fall within a global period? Thank you for any help! Amy M.
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    Wiki fall codes

    When a person falls and has been treated at the ER and then follows up with their family dr should the fall be used as initial encounter? If a person falls and not specific to where the patient fell is it ok to submit the claim without the place where it happened?
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    Wiki Hoverboard

    Hi Everyone! Wanted to see if I could get some opinions on coding for hoverboard accidents. We had a patient fall from a hoverboard over Christmas spraining his wrist. What external cause code would you use for the hoverboard?