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    Wiki Inpatient 90846 & 90847

    Hello, I'm a professional fee coder for a behavioral health group. Around 09/01/18, insurances have been denying inpatient 90846 & 90847 as 'invalid place of service.' Has anyone else ran into this or does anyone have further information? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    Wiki 90846 family psychotherapy without pt present

    Does anybody know the guidelines for cpt 90846 family psychotherapy without patient present? Does the patient still have to come in, get vitals, etc to be able to bill the insurance or can just the parents come in? I know Medicare requires a face-to-face visit to be able to bill them but I'm...
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    Wiki Advance Care Planning 99497

    Good Afternoon: I am curious if anyone has used the following code(s) 99497- 99498 during an E/R Encounter. Code(s) 99497-99498 are used to report face-to-face service between a physician or other qualified health care prof and a patient, family member, or surrogate in a counseling and...
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    Wiki Audiology Services

    What Audiology Services/Tests can be performed by a Family Practice Physician?
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    Wiki Does this qualify for the family/social/past medical history??

    Our doctor want's to charge a 99214 for this visit. I'm curious if you can use the family history, social history, and personal history when it says just 'no changes' as he did below. Does that qualify or does he have to reference the date of the last time it didn't change. For example if it...
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    Wiki Modifiers

    I work in a family practice and I often have it where the provider does cryo on a wart, and also an injection for an immunization. Would there need to have -59 or -51? These always confuse me and I'm getting different feedback from everyone. Thanks!
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    Wiki PLEASE HELP coder of Family Practice trying to code for Plastic Surgery.

    Please help I have a pt. that paid cash and want reimbursed from their ins. I code family practice an our Dr. said we would help her with this. If someone can email me and help me one on one I would greatly appreciate it. Pt. also had a left breast implant rupture and had implant exchange to...
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    Wiki Billing ophthalmology

    I was wondering if when billing an office with a procedure, would you also include the modifier 25. Like in billing in the family practice. Please advise me, I'm new to billing ophthalmology. Thanks in advance
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    Wiki Physicians Treating Family members

    I've heard before that this is not covered by Medicare, at least in New York State. Does anyone have any links from MCR or any other carriers as to not billing services provided to direct family members? Thanks in advance.
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    Wiki Family History - they can't document

    My provider keeps documenting non-contributory under family history, so does anyone have any reference material that clearly explains how they can't document this way? I can't seem to find anything, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Wiki Cpc certified ,the philippines

    looking for remote coding work :) praying for a good business partnership. helping you and helping my family as well. GOD bless
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    Wiki Office visit and Hospital Visit in the same day....................

    Ok here is the scenerio. A patient (Medicare pt) came in and was seen for a routine follow up. She had no new problems. Then later that same evening she was admitted to the hospital (by one of out other doctors) for chest pain. Can I bill for an offcie visit and a hospital admit on the same day...