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    ORIF of the left posterior distal tibia, and the left distal fibular shaft

    Can someone help me with the CPT codes for this surgery? Preoperative Diagnosis: FX distal left ankle with displaced FX distal third of fibula shaft and large displaced posterior malleolar FX Postoperative Diagnosis: Same Description of Procedure (scrubbed): A longitudinal incision was made...
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    Distal Fibular Fracture ICD10

    there is a discussion re: distal fibular fracture ICD10 coding. Pt has a fx repaired of distal fibula. Fx is not in the Fibula shaft. Radiology report and provider's report just states "distal fibula" fx. Is this enough to use the lateral malleous fx ICD10? From an anatomical standing, it seems...
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    ICD-10 Code Fibula Fracture NOS

    Is there an ICD-10 code for a fibula fracture NOS?