1. B

    Wiki Need Help-Multiple procedures!

    My brain has been spinning in circles trying to figure out what is bundled & what's not o_O Op report info listed below: Indication for surgery: Pt w/large incisional hernia with multiple episodes of small bowel obstruction. Findings: 1. Enterocutaneous fistula secondary to previous mesh 2...
  2. C

    Wiki Sigmoid resection with end colostomy and Hartmann's pouch, resection and primary closure of bladder fistula

    I'm looking for help with this operative note. Would I use 44143? And is the bladder fistula repair included or coded separately? Thanks! Abdomen was then prepped and draped in a standard surgical fashion. Lower midline incision was made. Abdomen wasopened and explored. Omni retractor was used...
  3. M

    Wiki Probing of enterocutaneous fistula

    Good Morning, I was hoping to get some feedback on the following procedure. I am stumped and not sure what code to use. (CPT 20102-5 or 49000-52?) Postop Dx: Enterocutaneous fistula secondary to foreign body Name of Operation: Examination under anesthesia and probing of enterocutaneous fistula...
  4. P

    Wiki Code 46716 is a female procedure only??

    Hi, My denial defender on a bill I'm trying to submit is telling me that 46716 - (Repair of low imperforate anus; with transposition of anoperineal or anovestibular fistula) is a female-only code. I can't find anything in the description of this code that designates it as female-only. Is...
  5. J

    Wiki AV fistula

    Hello fellow coders, The following had me stumped for the last few days. AV fistula with R hand Ischemia? any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. hcg

    Wiki Need help for Repair of Colovaginal and Colovesical Fistula

    I'm trying to find a code for repair of colovaginal and colovesical fistula. But the codes would lead me to closure of rectovaginal fistula (57300 - 57308) and closure of rectovesical fistula (45800, 45805). Any suggestions? Every help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. J

    Wiki cpt code 31825

    Hi, Does anyone know if cpt code 31825-tracheocutaneous fistula w/ plastic repair include using a muscle flap(15732) for closure of the fistula? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  8. K

    Wiki closure of mucous fistula

    Surgeon performed a lap proctectomy with colo-anal anastomosis (CPT 45112). She also "repaired an intestinal cutaneous fistula", which she wants to use CPT 44640. However, the "intestinal cutaneous fistula" is actually the mucous fistula that she created at a previous surgery several months...
  9. E

    Wiki CPT code for repair of AV fistula pseudoaneurysm

    Would like some feedback and thoughts on coding for this procedure please. My original thought was to use cpt 35011 for repair of the aneurysm but the aneurysm is actually inside the fistula and wasn't sure if that makes a difference. TIA!
  10. A

    Wiki Dx: Gluteal Fistula Tract - Acute on chronic Code?

    Can I use K60.3 for this diagnosis? Dx: Gluteal Fistula Tract