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    Wiki Physician Assistants and Fluoroscopy-77002?

    Does anyone have any experience with billing for injections under fluoroscopy completed by a physician assistant? We use the normal injection codes such as 20610 and then bill 77002. I am struggling to find the restrictions for PA billing 77002 in Pennsylvania? Does anyone bill these services...
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    Wiki What can Radiologist bill for Epidural done by another doctor in radiology office?

    Can anyone tell me what to bill for the radiologist when an outside physician uses the radiologists office to do an epidural injection? The radiologist is dictating a report documenting the fluoro used & needle placement. This is the documentation from 2 different reports: EPIDURAL CLINICAL...
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    Wiki Fluoroscopic assistance for a open reduction left hip fracture repair

    Received a report from radiologist for Fluoroscopic assistance. Is there an ICD-10 code for this? Thank you for your help in advance.