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    Wiki Physician Assistants and Fluoroscopy-77002?

    Does anyone have any experience with billing for injections under fluoroscopy completed by a physician assistant? We use the normal injection codes such as 20610 and then bill 77002. I am struggling to find the restrictions for PA billing 77002 in Pennsylvania? Does anyone bill these services...
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    Wiki Central Venous Access Device

    Here is my situation: Doctor with hospital performs a Medi-I-Port Insertion CPT code 36561. Radiologist contracted by the hospital provides fluoroscopic guidance (77001) for the insertion. I am trying to bill for the professional component of the fluoro guidance but since the radiologist did...
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    Wiki IT Pump in abdomen 'flipped' - manual external manipulation under fluoro to correct

    What can I bill for the repositioning of the pump?? This was performed in the office. I'm fairly new to pain management billing but this seems like a rare situation! Any more experienced billers out there able to shed some light on this? Pt is a 72 year old female referred by Dr. X for 2nd...
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    Wiki Radiology: O-arm images coding

    Radiology practice is asked to read images (post procedure) which were obtained during operative session using O-arm navigation. (O-arm uses fluoro + CT rendering.) Radiology provider dictates separate report. Seeking input on coding and guidelines.
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    Wiki ERCP fluoroscopy

    My boss, a gastroenterologist, did 43262 and 43264 on same patient, same out-patient encounter. How do I code the fluoroscopic aspect? Is it included or should I use 74328? Thanks!
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    Wiki 76000 vs 77002

    I work in a plastic/reconstructive surgeons office and we do a lot of hand/wrist work including injections. Something I am seeing a lot of is the use of 77002 and 76000. My understanding of the descriptions of each is that 76000 is to be used for more extensive imagining i.e. confirmation of...
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    Wiki Fluoro for Genicular RF (77002 and 64640)

    Hey all! We've been told that 77002 in 2017 is an add-on code that does not work with 64640 (genicular RF). How are others billing the imaging component for genicular radiofrequency ablations since imaging is still not bundled in with 64640? Thanks! Rose
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    Wiki 77003 and 62311/62310

    77003 and Epidural Steroid Injections Can fluoroscopy be billed with epidural injections- 62311 and 62310? I bill for an ASC and BCBS is notifying us that 77003 and 62311 can't be billed together, that fluoroscopy is included in the procedure code. I know contrast dye can't be billed...
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    Wiki 64479-64484 changes for 2011

    I noticed these codes were revised for 2011 to include "imaging guidance (fluoroscopy or CT) and contrast injection." Does this mean that we do not have to code the 77003 for a facility anymore? I am thinking not... but want to double check. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.