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    Z02.7- Encounter for issue of medical certificate

    Hi all. I work in Family practice so we get a lot of encounters where the provider is completing forms for the patient such as FMLA, jury duty, DMV, SSI etc. I want to indicate that the provider completed a form but if I add this Dx (Z02.7-) it must be first listed. I have decided to look at the...
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    Nursing home billing

    What claim form is used to submit visits for a physician treating patients in a nursing home? Is it the CMS-1500 or the UB-04? He is sending claims as an individual provider to Medicare and Commercial carriers.
  3. S

    Infusion Documentation/Form

    Does anyone have a form they use for documenting infusion procedures, or a link or suggestion for where to look? I want to have a form or something to prompt the provider to fill in all the correct blanks to fully support the documentation of infusion procedures. I have all the information...
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    Billing multiple years on the same claim form

    Can you bill for a DOS in year 2015 on the same claim form as a DOS in 2016?
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    Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder Group Therapy Case Notes

    Looking for "best practice" documentation of "group therapy" notes w regulatory citations - or without. Billing codes would be a nice feature also. If you have such a form or know a link, please do share. Thanks
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    Auditing form / Ophthalmology E&M assistance

    Any ideas where I can find an auditing form that can be easy to utilize for the eye exam? Thanks,
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    Wiki 1997 Audit Tool

    Does anybody know where or have a 1997 audit tool or sheet or form??? I did an internet search and it looks like all of them are 1995 based! :eek: