fracture coding

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    Help with Fracture Diagnosis after Surgery

    I have a physician who insists that after the patient undergoes surgery for a fracture, the fracture diagnosis drops and only a pain diagnosis code is used. For example, he did an ORIF for a wrist fracture, but then refuses to include the diagnosis of wrist fracture for claims after the surgery...
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    Question Fracture Diagnosis

    Will someone please shed some light on fracture diagnosis coding? Specifically pertaining to coding to the highest specificity when the provider is not too specific in their note. Example: Orthopedic consult in the hospital states that the patient has a left distal radius fracture and will...
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    CPT 20694 with ORIF

    I am looking for research resources. I review claims, and frequently see Orthopedic providers submitting CPT 20694 (removal of external fixation device, requiring general anesthesia) with an ORIF. I have performed exhaustive searches through my coding manual, the NCCI manual, AAOS Code-X, and...
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    Radial Head Replacement with Coronoid Fracture Repair

    Would this be codes as 24666, alone? Or 24666 and 24685? Is the I&D included for the forearm fracture? PROCEDURES PERFORMED: 1. Left elbow open reduction. 2. Left elbow radial head prosthetic replacement. 3. Left elbow coronoid repair. 4. Left elbow examination under anesthesia with...