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    Wiki G0101 Denied with Preventive Code

    Hi all, I'm hoping to get some clarification on this. We are unsure if we are supposed to bill a patient the fee for G0101 if Medicare is denying due to it not being after the 24 months when billed with a preventive code. Example: We billed 99397 with G0101. Medicare denied G code and patient...
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    Wiki Medicare GYN Exam- G0101

    Hello, I was asked by one of our physicians to explain in more detail what is all included within a G0101- Breast and Pelvic Exam. For starters, our physicians see quite a few Medicare patients for breast and pelvic exams and up to this point have been billing the G0101 only but also ordering...
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    Wiki IM DOC BILLING PAPS - need help coding!

    We have a new IM doc and have never billed for Pap tests before. The doc's husband is questioning their old ways of billing and I'd like to be sure to give him a correct answer. I've been doing a lot of research but would like you expert opinions! Please help! Thanks so much! This is what...