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    Wiki Ventral Hernia Repair Recoups

    Has anyone else been getting hit with Ventral Hernia repair recoups from UHC and Humana for 2023? Their reasoning is that we didn't provide "preoperative" hernia measurements (I think this is taking way too much liberty with the guidelines). Some reps have even said that it should be documented...
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    Wiki Hospitalist and General Surgeon Visit on same day

    Good Morning, Our General Surgery group recently became hospital employees and since they transitioned to the hospital Tax ID we have had issues with visits denying when a hospitalist sees the patient on the same day as our provider. Is there a way to get our charge paid or would these visits...
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    Wiki E/M coding General SX looking for Help

    Looking to talk to someone for some help to determining level of E/M for H&Ps general SX. The provider uses a level 5 a lot and I feel that they are 4s at best. I am looking for a little guidance to help me feel more confident in my decision as I am new to gen sx and still grasping E/M coding. I...
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    Wiki Unsucessfull atempt to recanalize left brachiocephalic smart stent

    I need asssitance in coding the following scenario. Preoperative diagnosis: Occluded left brachiocephalic stent. Malfunction of the AV fistula._. Postoperative diagnosis: The same_. Procedure: Unsuccessful attempt to recanalize left brachiocephalic Smart stent. Conscious sedation, > 45 min...
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    Wiki Soft tissue debriment, multiple local wound explorations, biopsy of abdominal wall muscle and fascia

    I need assistance in coding the following scenario. PROCEDURE(S) PERFORMED: - soft tissue debridement – multiple local wound explorations – biopsy of abdominal wall muscle and fascia PRE-OPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: necrotizing soft tissue infection end stage liver disease POST-OPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS...
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    Wiki I need help with coding the following scenario. Surgeon started robotically unable to reduce it and coverted to open.

    I need help in the following scenario: Preoperative diagnosis: Recurrent incarcerated strangulated left inguinal hernia._. Postoperative diagnosis: Recurrent sliding incarcerated strangulated left inguinal hernia. Recurrent right inguinal hernia. Umbilical hernia._ Procedure: Open robotic...
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    Wiki Really need some input on this asap- Please help-lap appe wth open cecotomy

    Looking at 44970 and 44140 or should it just be the 44140? I would appreciate any input. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Cecal polyp. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: 1. Cecal polyp. 2. Intraabdominal adhesions. PROCEDURE PERFORMED: 1. Laparoscopic lysis of adhesions. 2. Laparoscopic...
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    Wiki 77001 in a global period

    Good afternoon. Can anyone help with an issue I'm having? Female patient(s) in a global period for a mastectomy and about a month later presents for placement of a chemo-port (36561) with fluoroscopy (77001) to verify placement. The appropriate modifier is being appended to the 36561 and the...
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    Wiki Resection of Vesicocutaneous fistula with incisional hernia repair

    Can anyone help me with this one. I know the code for the incisional hernia repair but I am struggling with the fistula resection. It is from a previous suprapubic urinary catheter so I found 51880 but am unsure if this is ok to bill since no repair was done to the bladder. Below is the Op...
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    Wiki Hemorrhoidectomy

    My surgeon has a Exam under Anesthesia(45990) and Internal/External Hemorrhoidectomy(46260) listed on the op report. My question is, wouldn't the EUA be part of the procedure and not billable as separate? Any input would be appreciated.
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    Wiki General Surgeon Billing for a uterine laceration repair during gyn surgery

    Surgeon A performed gyn surgery on her patient. The uterus was perforated during surgery and General Surgeon B performed the repair. Can I bill for the general surgeon's repair and if so what CPT code would apply?
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    Wiki foreign body - surgical exploration

    The doctor did a surgical exploration of a painful foreign body which turned out to be an intrathecal pump connector which he removed and and then placed back into the wound. I am looking at 20520 or 20670 but am not sure either is accurate. Thank you for any assistance. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS...
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    Wiki Multi-Specialty Surgical Coder seeking full-time position

    I'm currently employed with a multi-specialty surgical practice and I'm interested in exploring other opportunities, I would love to speak with you about my coding and auditing experience. Best Regards...
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    Wiki Medicare 99221-99223 & surgery codes

    I need clarification, can I charge an inpatient visit 99221-99223 & a surgical procedure cfor the same date of service in regard to Medicare patients. Or is the surgical cpt code I use over rule leaving the visit as part of the global pkg.?? :eek:
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    Wiki discography work comp billing

    Does anyone out there do billing for discography for general work comp? If so what type of reimbursement do you get? We are an ASC, and I have a doctor who says that I am coding wrong, which I have researched until I am blue-in-the-face and have been told that I am coding correctly. We bill...
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    Wiki aponeurotomies help

    Hello! 1st time posting! Trying to utilize my resources. Operative report reads: PROCEDURE: Multiple incisional epineurotomies and excision of Dupuytren's tissue right ring, index, first web space and long finger. Attention was turned to the palm, where all identifiable Dupuytren's tissue was...
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    Wiki Please Help!! - pharyngoscopy

    :confused:Can anyone help me with coding a pharyngoscopy w/endotracheal intubation? My doctor was performing a different procedure but due to the patients prior radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, anesthesia had difficulty intubating the patient.
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    Wiki Wound Care Template

    I am in need of a Wound Care Template for documentation. I would really appreciate it if someone would be willing to share this template. Thank you very much. Cassie