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    Wiki Guidance

    I am being asked to bill out one way to commercial insurances and then another to Medicare/Medicaid patients. I am under the impression that is not compliant..... example would be that the pt is having pain injections and has commercial insurance, they want me to just bill for the injection and...
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    Wiki Guidelines concering payable diagnosis and provider choices

    Is there a citation that states that an electronic health record cannot limit choices for ICD-10 diagnosing? Is it ethical to only give providers access to diagnosis codes that you know are "payable"? I am really looking for rules, guidelines or statutes that support diagnosis the problem...
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    Wiki Sacroiliac joint injection WITH ULTRASOUND GUIDANCE

    How would you post a sacroiliac joint injection WITH ULTRASOUND GUIDANCE. This was a joint injection using ultrasound guidance, and is documented. Our physician does ultrasound guided injections in an office setting. Comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wiki CPT code for Drug screens

    Looking for clarification. CPT code 80104 has been deleted for 2016, What has it been replaced with? I have read one place G0477 is one of three that replaced it as well as replaced G0434. I would appreciate any guidance on this. thank you
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    Wiki Network with Neurology Expert/Scheduled EEG's

    Looking to network with a neurology coding expert! Needing written documentation guidance on billing scheduled EEG's. If the reason for the visit is a scheduled EEG unless separate identifiable E&M is documented the E&M is not billable. Correct? If anyone has any other billing guidance I...
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    Wiki Icm dos

    I need some help coding 93290 (once every 30 days) ex: tc component 12/1/15 dr dictates 12/1/15. claim date used is 12/5/15. but tech has is to be done again 1/3/15 its getting denied bc its with 30 days. My questions is should we use the TC dos or PC dos? Does anyone know where...
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    Wiki What is your go to refrence that is not the DG's or google?

    I know there are lot of books that provide guidance for documentation and auditing of E/M services. I'm curious which one book is your go to . . . ?