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    External Neurolysis

    I need advice as I have never coded an external neurolysis. I know internal would be the primary cpt plus 64727, but would this be 64708? PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Laceration to the left index finger dorsal aspect in the MP joint area. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Laceration to the left index finger...
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    Excision dupuytren's nodule & trigger finger release

    My doc wants me to bill for the trigger finger portion and the nodule excision, but I feel like the nodule was incidental? Am I incorrect? Preoperative diagnosis: Right long trigger finger Dupuytren's nodule Postoperative diagnosis: Right long trigger finger Dupuytren's nodule Operation...
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    Defining radical in 26145

    Hello, I am looking for help in defining what constitutes a Radical Tenosynovectomy and when to use 26145. Does the surgeon need documentation of pathological tenosynovium for code 26145? Thank a You in advanced, Eva Wade CPC-A
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    Excision of mass left small finger, left carpal tunnel release

    How would you code this? I am reading mucoid degeneration and he keeps extending the incision, but I don't think an actual cyst was removed. The carpal tunnel was not planned, can I bill it with the cyst excision 26160 or should I bill the arthrotomy with exploration 26070-26080? Preoperative...
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    Question Finger Capsulotomy/ Tenolysis

    I don't like hand coding and would love any webinar recommendations, or just general reading information to help me dive deeper. This doc tends to lack details/ dictation but when queried he doesn't respond or will say don't bill it. With this surgery I just don't think there is enough details...
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    Repair extensor pollicis longus left hand

    I was just wondering if I can only code the repair 26418 or if I can also code the exploration. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS(ES): Extensor pollicis laceration left hand PROCEDURE: Surgical exploration of the wound, repair of the extensor pollicis longus left hand INDICATIONS: Patient suffered a...
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    Excision of Osteophyte from DIP 26080 vs 26236 vs 26210

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate another coder's opinion on how they would code the following op report? A longitudonal incision was made from the nail fold proximally in the midlateral line after elevating the upper nail fold from the nail plate with a freer elevator. A full thickness skin...
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    Exam Components for E/M

    Dr. does a Physical Exam on his patients for these following areas: General (Constitutional) Head Eyes Ears, nose, mouth, throat Extremities (Excluding a separate hand exam that he documents seperatly, below) Neuro Skin He then usually does a Normal Wrist exam for Carpal Tunnel (He is a hand...
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    Hand Coders-Where do you get your education?

    Hello, I am fairly new to hand surgery coding, and in fact, our hand surgeon is also new to the area. He's very code-savvy, but none of my colleagues are familiar with the kinds of surgeries he's doing. I'm looking for educational opportunities specific to hand coding. So far my searches have...