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    Wiki Intrinsic release of the index middle ring and small finger/opponens pollicis release

    I am not 100% sure on how I should code this, but I am thinking 26593x4 and 26440 for the opponens release. Any advice is appreciated! POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS(ES): Volkman's contracture of the left hand PROCEDURE: Intrinsic release of the index middle ring and small finger and release of the...
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    Wiki Dupuytren partial palmar release left small & possibly left ring

    Here is my question I know I can code 26123-F5 but through out the op note he is also dissecting the left ring finger which he also says is involved but he did not state the left ring finger in the operation performed/ postop diagnosis. Can I bill 26123-F5 and 26125-F4 or just 26123...
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    Wiki Repair extensor pollicis longus left hand

    I was just wondering if I can only code the repair 26418 or if I can also code the exploration. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS(ES): Extensor pollicis laceration left hand PROCEDURE: Surgical exploration of the wound, repair of the extensor pollicis longus left hand INDICATIONS: Patient suffered a...