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    Intrinsic release of the index middle ring and small finger/opponens pollicis release

    I am not 100% sure on how I should code this, but I am thinking 26593x4 and 26440 for the opponens release. Any advice is appreciated! POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS(ES): Volkman's contracture of the left hand PROCEDURE: Intrinsic release of the index middle ring and small finger and release of the...
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    Question Wrist Surgery - Subsheath Tissue Repair/Stabilization with Fascial Flap

    Hey my fellow coders! I am needing your help! I'm thinking the CPT is 25275 but it seems the provider did more work then just a tendon sheath repair. Would this be a reconstruction, 25320? Preop Dx: Right ulnar wrist pain Postop Dx: 1. right extensor carpi ulnaris longitudinal tendon tear 2...
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    PIP fracture Dislocation Surgery report help

    Please help advise me on this procedure. My physician likes to review his surgery coding before they get submitted to insurance and approved the codes billed out. He does this procedrue quite frequently and we always use 26535, Same diagnosis, same procedure. He is now wanting me to use 26746...