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    Can a Health Coach bill under a provider?????

    Help!!! We have a non-licensed health coach starting & my provider thinks he can bill an OV whenever the health coach sees a patient & he steps in for part of the visit. These visits would be strictly for diabetes prevention, weight management, etc. Any information is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. D

    Health IT Training

    I've looked at ASHIM (American Society of Health Informatics Managers) back in 2012 and recently discovered I still had their webpage bookmarked and have had a renewed sense of wanting to pursue the IT component of HIM. However, I noticed their webpage appears exactly the same as it did nearly...
  3. R

    Behavioral Health screening

    Which CPT code would I use to bill for a Behavioral/Mental health screening? 15 minutes. 96152-96152 are for assessments and that's not what I'm looking for. The code would be used by LCSW's. Thanks. Roma
  4. V

    Code order for home health services

    In home health care services what is coded first E11.612 or Z48.00
  5. T

    Injections with no provider on site

    Hi there! Can an RN, LPN, CMA or RMA give an injection (Haldol, Abilify, Risperdal, Invega Sustenna) without a supervising physician on site at the time of the injection? If yes, please give me a resource that I can give to our clinical team that supports it. CPT states "Do not report 96372...
  6. E

    ICD-10 proficent CPC-A Looking for Billing/Coding Position

    MEEGAN SWEENEY, CPC-A PROFILE Certified Professional Coder, Health Claims Specialist with experience in various areas of bad debt collections and follow-up responsibilities including maintaining accurate patient files and charts. Completed an extensive Health Claims Specialist...
  7. C

    Wiki New CPT code 69209

    I'm looking for where i can find documentation on new CPT code 69209 and if this new code has the requirement of being done by a provider? I know that cpt code 69210 although not included in the actual description of the code, in order to bill for this service, it must be provided by doctor or...
  8. M

    Home Health Coding & billing questions, HELP!!!

    My physicians want to start billing for home health services. I was told by one of the home health agencies that we could use the recertification forms to bill for a Q0180. Is that correct? :confused:
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    Medical Information Disclaimer

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