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    Wiki SUD OP billing

    Please help... We have started doing family therapy and education groups at our facility but the insurance companies don't want to pay for both H0026 & 90846 in the same day. Does anyone have any suggestions for how else we can bill these? Also for billing 90853 does anyone know what type of...
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    Wiki Two visits in one day

    I’ve been a coder for eight years. Recently there is come up some things at work and we had two separate providers in our facility see the same patient in one day. It is not ethical to not bill the second visit? From my understanding and knowledge of previous experience both visits have to be...
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    Wiki G8990 - alternative code?

    Good afternoon everyone, Our office has been using HCPCS code G8990 for our grip strength tests and cannot seem to find a similar code in either the HCPCS or CPT book since the code was deleted on January 1, 2020. Does anyone have a suggestion? I would rather not use an unlisted procedure...
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    Wiki Stage 1 Masqelet procedure... eek!

    Hi everyone, I am in need of some education from more experienced orthopedics/trauma specialty coders. I have a case where a trauma dr documented a "Masquelet technique for management of large bone defects" procedure: "...The same bone void that was there previously was reassessed. The...
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    Wiki micro Nutritional Therapy iv

    Good afternoon I am hoping that someone can help me with the above billing are their cpt codes for these services and are license required to bill this type of service, my provider is license by DCF to do PHP , Out patient Detox , Intensive Outpatient, they want to offer this service as well...
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    Wiki help with code

    This is all the documentation I have. Can I use 99231? Patient seen today with history of DM, obesity admitted with possible cva CT head also shows possible acute infarct He is feeling better Waiting for MRI and carotid dopplers, will continue to follow.