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    Practicode - newer coder

    Did you find it helpful? I'm a newer coder and needing some more training, and have heard that this may help. Just wanted some opinions of others. Thank you!
  2. C

    FT onsite, coder needed

    Oklahoma City - Large multi-specialty physician group. E/M experience helpful. Please contact Terri @ 405-553-0852, for more information.
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    Exam Prep Helpful Tips/Advice

    I am preparing to take my first CPC exam soon and would like helpful advice on taking this exam.
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    Documentation within the EMR

    Good Morning, We are one week into using Athena as our EMR. We are a small 1 physician practice. My physician is having difficulty understanding why a conuslt/soap note is still required if he is "checking" off all the pertinent boxes. I know that we need it, but am looking for some helpful...
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    ECMO cannulation in Xtreme preemies

    Salutations, ECMO cannulation does not allow assistant surgeons. That fact is certain. However, with an extreme preemie of less than 500 grams, sometimes an extra set of hands has proven greatly helpful (so my surgeons tell me). Has anyone else bumped into such an event and what has your...